Michael Haskins from Greenhill

Barbara Watson from Richardson 

Susan Langford


Helen Witt 



  • The first Thursday of every month is reserved for faculty meetings (unavailable for tutoring)
  • Please make an appointment using the link provided.  Appointments should be made at least before 9:00 pm the day before you would like to come in for help.  I also serve as Campus Technology Specialist; if no student is scheduled for tutorials, I may be assisting other teachers with technology during the scheduled times.  
  • Tues-Fri mornings 8:10-8:40 (“A” days only)
  • Mon or Tues  afternoons 3:45-4:30 (“A” days only)

All tutoring with Mrs. Wagner is by appointment.  Sometimes I have a meeting or other obligations; obviously I can’t be available for tutorials when that happens.  Be sure to schedule a time via the link above as walk-in appointments are not guaranteed.  Please come with a plan when you come to tutorials: a question to ask, a problem to get help with, a quiz to go over, etc.  If you come in and say “I don’t get it” or something similar, I’m going to send you away until you can describe what you need help with.  This makes better use of everybody’s time and keeps the onus of learning on you, the student.